CERTIFIED BRANDS NURI, ELK BAU and VIENNA CAPITALS with ADMIRAL Brand Ambassador David Hasselhoff as the opening highlight in the Novomatic Forum

At the opening event on April 9 at the Novomatic Forum, Gerhard Hrebicek, President of the European Brand Institute together with Bobby Calder, Kellstadt Professor of Marketing and Tienan Li, China Council for Brand Development awarded the certificates based on the new ISO standard 20671 to the new Certified Brands: NURI, ELK BAU and Vienna Capitals.

"With the certification of our brand, we started to see the brand as a fundamental asset of a company, where we have to invest in." explained Jakob Glatz, CEO Galtz GmbH the decision to certify his brand NURI.
ADMIRAL used the event to introduce the new brand ambassador David Hasselhoff, who will be the focus of the new brand campaign in the future. Also Coca Cola Austria presented the brand new sustainability project "Aus Flasche werde Flasche", the use of 100% recycled PET in Römerquelle productline.

Gerhard Hrebicek, Thomas Scheriau, Jakob Glatz, ADMIRAL Brand Ambassador David Hasselhoff, Christian Trautenberger ©Katharina Schiff
Gerhard Hrebicek, Thomas Scheriau, Jakob Glatz, ADMIRAL Brand Ambassador David Hasselhoff, Christian Trautenberger ©Katharina Schiff

"This year's motto highlights the impact of brands today and much more in the future! As brands, when proactively managed and measured, create value for companies, associations, cities, regions and economies." Integrated brand management leads to greater competitiveness, innovation and sustainable development in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).", added Hrebicek.

Bobby Calder, Klaus Heidinger, Waltraud Kaserer, Vesna Vlahovic-Dasic ©Katharina Schiffl
Bobby Calder, Klaus Heidinger, Waltraud Kaserer, Vesna Vlahovic-Dasic ©Katharina Schiffl

“Immaterial properties are the value drivers of 21st century`s economy. Business cases of globally successful companies are based on brands and patents. Successful clients are doing brand investments as a base to enter a proper market.", discribed Herbert Kovar, Partner Deloitte the goal and benefits for brand investments

Guests sighted at the Brand Global Summit 2019:

Moderator Sonja Kato (unikato); Philippe Scholtès (Managing Director UNIDO), Thomas Reindl (Vienna City Council),  Monica Rintersbacher (Leitbetriebe Austria), Stefan Krenn (Novomatic), Jakob Glatz and Christian Trautenberger (Glatz GmbH), H.E. Lourdes Victoria-Kruse (Ambassador Dominican Republic), Elisabeth Rettl and Petra Jakob (Drei), H.E. Armen Papikyan (Ambassador Armenia), H.E. Alejandro Solano Ortiz (Ambassador Costa Rica), Maria Rauch-Kallat (BM a.D.), H.E. Sergio Barbanti (Ambassador Italy), Thomas Scheriau, (CEO ELK Bau), Kristin Hanusch-Linser (Hanusch-Linser Management GmbH), Silvia Kelemen (Head of Public Relations, myWorld), Christian Mattasits (Managing director, Finanzfuchsgruppe), Gerhard Schuller (CEO Hyggebau), Attorney Gerald Ganzger (LGP), Walter Weilinger (Managing director HBM), Richard Mauerlechner (CEO weekend), Christine Marek (Consulter), Renate Altenhofer (maX iconvienna), Elisabeth Schrenk (Falkensteiner Hotels), Martina Denich-Kobula (FidWW) and many more.

European Brand Institute invited to the 15th anniversary of the  Brand Global Summit under the motto "Brands create prosperity". For the first time in cooperation with UNIDO, numerous leading decision-makers from business, science, international organizations, politics and diplomacy from all over the world gathered on April 9th and 10th.



Ernst Peter Brezovszky, Olga Memeodivc, Gerhard Hrebicek ©Katharina Schiff
Ernst Peter Brezovszky, Olga Memeodivc, Gerhard Hrebicek ©Katharina Schiff

BRAND GLOBAL SUMMIT for the first time in the UNIDO

"The Brand Global Summit on April 10, 2019 in UNIDO was all about BRANDS CREATE PROSPERITY and offered the opportunity to exchange experiences, to learn from success models and interesting discussions," stated Gerhard Hrebicek, founder and president of the Brand Global Summit. 

Olga Memedovic, UNIDO's Deputy Director and Chief of Business Environment, remarked: "Branding can help to enhance competitiveness, and add value to the products, producer and customer. Branding can also be a strategic tool for countries to develop their technological competencies, innovation capabilities and to create new jobs and markets.”

In 5 discussion rounds experts, such as Ernst-Peter Brezovszky Head of UNESCO-Unit, Waltraud Kaserer, Lenzing, Weixi Gong, UNIDO,  Klaus Heidinger, Siemens, Franz Hammerschmid, ÖBB Infra, Alexandra Millonig, AIT, Vesna Vlahovic-Dasic, Coca-Cola Austria, Martin Essl, Uber; Farrukh Alimdjanov, UNIDO, Herbert Kovar, Deloitte; Klaus Müllner, SummerLight Capital Partners; Toni Cheng, Alibaba Cloud discussed Brand competitiveness in a global context, economic opportunities through investment in brands as well as the correlation of brands and sustainable economic development.

International flair in the Vienna City Hall

In the evening of the 10th of April the Cocktail Reception took place in Vienna's City Hall at the invitation of Mayor and Govenor of Vienna Michael Ludwig. Gerhard Hrebicek, Thomas Reindl, First Chairman of the Vienna City Council, Olga Memedovic, Deputy Director UNIDO and H.E. Lourdes Viktoria-Kruse, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic, welcomed the international guests.


The host countries Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Cuba, Armenia and winemaker Willi Opitz invited guests to a special culinary and cultural journey with live music from the fabulous Orquesta Ibero-Americana de Viena. Tastings of regional specialties such as wine, rum, coffee and cigars created a unique atmospheric and international flair.

Representatives of the Latin American and Caribbean Countries ©Katharina Schiffl
Representatives of the Latin American and Caribbean Countries ©Katharina Schiffl

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